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    2021-03-24 16:11:51

    产品说明 Product description

    袋式除尘器运行过程中,对于空气中粉尘含有较多水份和油性以及吸湿性和易潮解性粉尘,在粉尘表面可能生成水膜从而增大附着性 , 这虽然有助于捕集粉尘,但将使清灰出现困难,特别是高温气体又处于高湿状态时,由于外部气体的冷却作用而产生结露现象,这不仅能使捕集的粉尘在滤料表面结垢从而堵塞,而且能使除尘设备运行阻力增加,直接影响了除尘设备的正常运行。拒水防油针刺毡可有效防止水及各种油污物沾附和渗透,与普通滤料相比,不仅具有防水防油特性,而且对粉尘而言还具有抗结性和易剥离性。

    In during the operation of the bag type dust remover, the dust in the air contains more moisture and oily and hygroscopicity and easy deliquescence dust, in the dust surface may generate water film so as to increase the adhesion, which while helping to trap dust, but will make cleaning difficult, especially for the high temperature gas in high wet state, because of the effects of external gas cooling and condensation phenomenon, which can not only make catches dust in the filter surface scaling to block, but also increase the running resistance of the dust removal equipment, which directly affect the normal operation of the dust removal equipment.Water repellent anti ill needle felt can effectively prevent water and oil were stained with echo penetration. Compared with ordinary filter media, not only has anti anti oil characteristics, and the dust also has anti node and easy peeling.

    技术参数 Technical parameter

        名 称 Name

        拒水防油涤纶针刺毡 Water repellent and oil proof polyester needle felt

        材质 Raw material

        涤纶纤维 / 涤纶基布

        Polyester fiber /polyester fabric

        克重 Weight    450 - 600g/㎡
        透气性 Air permeability    200 - 300L/㎡ ·s@200Pa
        径向拉力 Radial pull    800 - 1200N/5x20cm
        纬向拉力 Weft Tensile Strength    1000 - 1600N/5x20cm
        径向伸长 Radial elongation    <35%
        纬向伸长 Weft elongation    <55%
        使用温度 Use temperature    ≤ 130° C
        过滤风速 Filtration velocity    1.0-1.2m/min
        后处理方式 Post processing method

        烧毛、压光、热定型、防水防油或者 PTFE 覆膜处理  

        Singeing, calendering, heat setting, waterproof and oil proof or PTFE film coating